Father, I am willing to be Your vessel. They come about because of our actions in the public eye.As Christians, prayer is our blessed opportunity to commune with Christ, and to align our will with His. Father, please draw Joe to You. A good partner is what you need for a happy love life. I love You, Father! However, it’s our actions and behavior that are the fruit of our faith, and Christ works through us, not instead of us, to reach the lost. When we make this response we are born again and God takes up residence, by His spirit, within us.Unfortunately if we do not understand what we are saved “from” we will not see the need to turn from sin and cling to the savior. He just doesn’t see You as important and it’s breaking my heart. When a person sees their plight (separation from God as a result of breaking His laws…sin… and the hell that awaits as a consequence) then repentance (turning) from sin and a turning to the Savior in faith is the next step in the born again experience. Call Prophet Kenneth. Thanks for stopping by and reading!Sign up to receive newsletters from Cassie plus receive your free copy of the 5-day devotional, Lord, Do I Have a Purpose?Christian. Middle child. The false conversion becomes exactly that, as we walk away from Christ.That is precisely why it is so important that we are careful as Christians to present the whole Gospel message. In fact we must “take up our cross daily”. Bring him to his knees, Lord. No Comments; 0 Tags; Know something about this song or lyrics? They come about because of our actions in the public eye. Thank You for Jesus, Father! Become a conduit for His love through submitting your will to His will, and the fruit of that faith will be ACTION.I’m married with 3 grown children . He helps those in need. Lord, hear my prayer! He doesn’t grasp the fact that You want a real relationship with him. I will cry with her. Being in a church building doesn’t make him a Christian any more than being in a garage makes him a car.

So, why shouldn’t we take it before the Lord when we’ve lost something and it’s bothering us because we cant find it? Beautiful post Thank you CassieMarijon- thanks for stopping by! Fly fisher. He goes to church, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, many in the church think salvation means getting a seat at the table now, getting cool stuff, like good health, a good job, a wonderful, happy life, etc.Then when the doctor says, “cancer”, the boss lays you off and the wife packs up and leaves we get disillusioned (mad) at God because the “cool stuff” that was “supposed” to be the “salvation package” was not delivered. It is the Father’s Will that “all should be saved”(1 Tim 2:3,4). But, Lord knows sometimes I go through about four before I can find something for church. Praying for both a lost bank card and a lost soul makes a huge difference. Thanks for reading! He thinks going to church is enough, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. <3Thank you Lord for finding my mom’s diamond earrings you always come thru for me.I’m glad they were found! Let’s us know it’s important!Can’t seem to find a ring, have been reading your blog post over and over to build faith and relax and trust. Those small things can add up over time and turn into something bigger and far scarier than we intended. Be confident in knowing that God knows exactly where they are. I love You, Lord! Everything is finished. AMEN! Lord, I love my brother and I know you do too. On the contrary He promised us persecution and tribulation (2 Tim 3:12) for “all who will live Godly in Christ Jesus”. Thank you so much for your inspiring and encouraging words. I love You! Father, I know where his heart is by the things he says and does, and the places that he goes. Isn’t it funny how we can read something and the same thing pops up somewhere else? Might have to start praying about that, too! Haha!Love your view on something lost. I learned a few things from this incident:Even the simple things we think aren’t too terribly important (I mean, a missing bank card is important, but you know what I mean). I will be a friend to her in one of the most desperate times of her life. God, may the sacrifice you made touch their … Lost Prayer Lyrics: You say that you're damned / You say that your life isn't fair / What's right and what's wrong / You've got your needs and you just don't care / On and on we drift / Back to where

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